Unshaped ADSL

Traffic AllowanceMonthly CostSetup FeeCost per GB
1GBR59FreeR59 Sign Me Up
2GBR99FreeR50 Sign Me Up
3GBR149FreeR50 Sign Me Up
5GBR249FreeR50 Sign Me Up
7GBR319FreeR46 Sign Me Up

About the Unshaped ADSL Product

The Unshaped ADSL product is a hard cap,fiber-based, unshaped ADSL product, optimised for business and home users. Unshaped means that all traffic on the account is unshaped. This product runs on an independent ADSL network. Being a hard cap product, means that you can use your account upto your monthly traffic allowance. After that you have the option of topping up to continue using the account until the start of the next month.

What do you need to get connected
  • ADSL Router
  • ADSL Line
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